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Holistic Treatment for Genital HPV Warts

In the present times the number of individuals who are being infected with HPV or the human papillomavirus is increasing day by day. There are different forms of cancer to which HPV is directly linked. Cervical cancer and genital warts are the most common.

There are various medical procedures that can be chosen by an infected individual but at home, there are also a few holistic treatments for HPV that can be applied immediately. The following alternative choices can be considered:

(1) Dieting: There is nothing which can beat correct food and accurate intake, which may thereof spell appropriate prevention. Avocado, carrots, Broccoli, and other organic food are quite rich in cancer-fighting substances and must be our daily items. Such substances are absorbed by the body. In addition to this, these vitamins and minerals have become a dreadful force in discomforting cancer as they intensify the level of our immune system.

(2) Topical application: The sting feeling genital warts HPV brings can be improved by specific creams and lotions.

(3) Plants: There are several herbal medicines that have the ability to combat HPV by enhancing our immune system. Astragalus and Tea tree oil are just some of the herbs that can seize the spread of HPV. Moreover, there are several other sources of anti-viral concoctions like grapefruit extract, lemon balm, coconut oil, rosemary oil, lauric acid, oregano oil and olive leaf extract.

There is several genital warts strain of which only two are directly connected to cancer, particularly cervical cancer. Also, these are type 16 and type 33 HPV genital wart strains. However, HPV infections are not usually noticeable and the only way to verify whether one has it is through blood sampling.

Moreover, there should be drastic reductions on an individual’s cigarette and alcohol intake as such vices greatly reduce the body’s immune system. There are stress-causing activities from which one has to also keep away.

The chief cause of the proliferation of HPV and eventually genital warts is sexual activity. The only reason for its spread is pointed towards this fact only. Another reason for the unwanted transfer of HPV can be considered for regular intimate skin contact.

Due to the normal fold of the body, eternally moist skin, which includes the anal region, the pubic region and even the throat and mouth area, are areas that give an open invitation to the genital warts HPV virus. Also, there is no efficient way to keep them arid particularly when you are always on the go.

Hence, the prevention of HPV is very important from occurrence by sticking to the accurate diet and leading a hassle-free lifestyle is essential.