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Natural Method of Removing Genital Warts

Natural Way of Removing Genital Warts – Home Treatment

Doesn’t have enough money for genital warts treatment? or Being afraid of getting a possible side effects of medicine for removing genital warts. We will now give you some tips how to remove that genital warts in natural method.

HPV Virus a STD type of virus that can be transferred by skin to skin contact usually of course with a person infected with HPV Human Papillomavirus. If your sexually active, it is very advisable to get an Gardasil HPV vaccine shot to protect your body from this HPV virus.

Enough, Let’s go with treating my genital warts.

Salicylic acid is usually prescribe by doctors. It can be buy over the counter. Apply the solution directly to affected area everyday for a month and you will notice the warts will slowly fall off.

9V Battery, yes battery can remove your genital warts. Sounds ridiculous this is one of the best way of genital warts removal at home, by attaching the positive and negative node to a wart will kill the HPV and eventually remove that wart without even noticed.

Apple Cider Vinegar – press directly the soaked cotton on infected area, duct tape it overnight and wash it on the morning. Do this everyday until the warts die.

Zi Su Ye (Chinese Herbal Medicine) – it is a topical herbes. Apply this for 15 mins once a day everyday.

Other Chinese Herbs Removal for Genital Warts – Jin Yin Hua, Ban Lan Gen, Ya Dan Z, Yi Yi Ren, Xiang Fu, Ji Nei Jin, Hong Hua.

You can get these usually on your nearest Chinese Drug Store. of course.

Now what treatment option I should choose?

I recommended Apple Cider Vinegar. Why? I tried it for my self and It really works. Removed my genital warts in 25 days